Fairstone Riven Harena Circle

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Riven Harena Circle
Riven Harena Circle

Product Description

A new design in circle feature, the Riven Harena circle will add character to any stylish traditional garden, with the ability to use as a stand alone feature, or incorporate into a larger area in the coordinating corner in fill kit.Hand selected from the same quarzitic sandstone, in the same colours options, with the same riven surface as Harena paving ensuring perfect blending.• Available in all Harena colour options.• Corner in fill kits are available for the circles.• Hand selected from the same quarzitic sandstone with the same riven surface as Harena paving

Product Prices

  • 2.84m - 2 Ring Circle Kit, Autumn Bronze Multi - £430.40 2.84m
  • 2.84m - 2 Ring Circle Kit 2.84m, Silver Birch Multi - £454.79 2.84m
  • 2.84m -2 Ring Circle Kit, Golden Sand Multi - £449.67 2.84m
  • 5 Piece Corner Infill, Autumn Bronze Multi - £235.89 (20 items per pack)
  • 5 Piece Corner Infill, Golden Sand Multi - £253.81 (20 items per pack)
  • 5 Piece Corner Infill, Silver Birch Multi - £265.87 (20 items per pack)

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